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Fowl Play Games, a group of thirteen students at SMU Guildhall, is pleased to announce the release of our capstone game Reign of Blades. The game requires Windows and plays best with a XBOX 360 Controller ( or equivalent ).

Description: Reign of Blades is a hack-n-slash game where the player assumes the role of a princess on a quest to restore order to her land. The player must battle through the floating castle of the Gilded Empress, using the game's helmet swap system to take on different abilities to adapt to various encounters.

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Install instructions

Thank you for downloading the game!

While Reign of Blades plays best with an XBOX 360 Controller (or similiar controller), we recognize some people do not have one and wish to experience our game.

In our latest build, we included PC controls. See below for details

W - Move in the forward facing direction of the player

F - Swap or Pickup a nearby helmet

R - Use a special attack if enough energy exists

Mouse Left - Quick melee attack

Mouse Right - Ranged Attack

Mouse Middle - Use a special attack if enough energy exists

Mouse Movement - Rotates the player

Spacebar - Blink Dodge

A - Close tutorial window

Escape - Pause


Having performance issues with our game?

Try lowering the graphics quality and or resolution in the options menu, which can be accessed from the main menu.


Thanks to everyone for playing our game! We are always looking receive feedback and improve.

Feel free to leave a comment or message us!


UDKInstall-ReignOfBlades.exe 1 GB